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 Privacy Fence Netting

     High-Density Knitted Polyethylene Mesh

 Privacy Fence, Privacy Fence Netting, Debris Netting  
EAGLE’s Privacy Fence Netting is ideal for any construction site, commercial property, special event or even private residences. Made with high-density knitted polyethylene material, Privacy Fencing gives 90%+ privacy blockage, but still allows for air movement and ventilation. Privacy Fence Netting is manufactured with knitted button holes on the widths of the material to provide attachments for cable ties, bungee ties or tie wire.
  Privacy fencing
  Construction job sites
  Golf courses 
  Theme parks & events
  Private property
  Scaffold Enclosure

        Product Features                               
  Knitted polyethylene mesh
  Reinforced button holes
  Privacy blockage / shade cloth
  Easy to handle & easy to install
              U.V treated

 Tan Privacy Fence Netting, Tan Privacy Fence, Tan Debris Netting     Chocolate Privacy Fence, Brown Privacy Fence, Debris Netting  
 Silver Privacy Fence, Grey Privacy Fence, Debris Netting   Blue Privacy Fence, Blue Privacy Fence Netting, Netting   Black Privacy Fence, Black Fence Netting, Black Privacy Fence Netting  
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